Group activity - Pétanque game
Duration : at least 3 hours

how to orderhow to order

We pull or we point, it is not a question of style but it's strategy!

The petanque takes place only and in team of 2 or 3 people, provided with a 3 steal bowls in each hands.
" Feet sticked " will be the translation of this game, on a sandy ground of 6 m of length, the competitors will by try to pull their balls as closely as possible to the jack (young swings wooden).

Event organized in the day or in the evening.

For 8* to 100 peoples

Not available

*Starting at

  • Local food and beverage
  • The spirit of this very friendly game, easy to play.
  • Discovery of beautyfull places choosen by our team

The game set will take place in a unc place choosen by our agency.

This include cocktail dinner and beverages.

All places give the opportunity to set a temporary petanque strip facing the sea or in a typical neighbourhood.