Birth of the National park of Calanques in Marseille, a place of outdoor activities in Calanques

19 April 2012

A clear sky, vertiginous cliffs covered with greenery plunged into waters turquoise of the méditerranée, this is Calanques of Marseille and Cassis.

Indeed Calanques are the jewels of Provence. Their inestimable beauties make the pride of residents of Marseille.

Since 1999, the project of national park of Calanques had been launched. This is after long years of debates that our Prime Minister, François Fillion signed the decree of the national park of Calanques on April 18th, 2012. The goal of the creation of this national park is to protect the fauna and the flora of pollution, urbanization, fires.. Its perimeter spreads out since the city of Marseille up to the city of Cassis and Ciotat
Ecologists and associations which think of cultural heritage are very happy to learn of this news and we too!
Active Road, as organism of activities and outdoor events in the national park, wants to allow users to take advantage of this space. But users should be respectful and should preserve nature. The company of the guides of Provence, boatmen, fishermen and other passionate persons promise it!
Active Road remains present and we are a member of the committee restricted by the company of the Guides of Provence. We will continue to make you travel or live strong sensations through our outdoor activities and within this magnificent National park of Calanques..
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