Climbing courses - 3 days

A 3 days climbing courses in the calanque with a guide.

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During those courses you will learn techniques that will allow you to be in complete autonomy on cliff and big route. Supervised by an anthousiastic monitor, that grew up in "les calanques", you discover the most beautiful sites of les calanques National Park which extends from Marseille to Cassis. All the equipment will be delivered on each sites (ropes, harness, helmets).

Thanks to various orientations and our good weather conditions, we welcome you from September to June.

We can provide accomodation and transport during this 3 days courses.

Physical level

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Day 1: Men and the calanques

8AM - 12.30 PM: learning or review of specific climbing approach in the site of the calanque Morgiou. Learning the techniques of progression on rock: gestures and placements of feet. Learning of the manipulation of ropes: knots, belaying, climbing in mind, relay.

Day 2: the massif of the Goudes

8AM - 12.30 PM: located far east in the Bay of Marseille, at the entrance of the calanques, the climbing area of Les Goudes offers stunning views on the islands of Marseille. This site will allow you to apply and develop techniques of climbing transmitted the first day. A time will be given for learning the own handling climbing on big route (relay and reminders)

Day 3: Big route in Sormiou

8AM - 12.30 PM Sormiou is one of the jewels of the calanques massif. You will go to the conquest of the large beak of Sormiou climbing routes. This day may be concluded by a small dip and a drink on the beach.

Sneakers, sports clothes, 1L of water for each day.

stage initiation escalade de trois jours dans les calanques

Meeting point

Obelisk of Mazargue, Gaz Station Esso, Marseille. Access to the calanques : 40 minutes from St charles train station & 1H00 from the airport of Marignane MP2 (Low Coast company)

  • Access to an autonomous level and improve your climbing level in 3 days.
  • Discover the diversity (rocks, sector..) of the calanques