Rock climbing - Gorges of Verdon

Climbing in the Verdon Gorges, induction and training.

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The Gorges of Verdon are, as we can called it, a wonder of nature. Mr Martel describes the m: " We have there, I repeat, one of the most beautiful places in Europe ".

During the sixties and as the Mecca of climbing, the Verdon was a privileged spot for climbers from Marseille (1:30 am Marseille time). Thanks to this activity you can feel the scale of these limestone walls, these unusual and compact rocks, the beauty and the uniqueness of this amazing place.

A lot of initiation's spots edge the Gorges and can satisfy most novices as they wait to discover rock climbing on " Big Wall ".

3 h

1.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Physical level

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Not available



Private excursion
Starting at 210€


Meeting with a climbing instructor on a choosen site depending on your climbing level. After a short breifing on the equipment you will face a path and be accompanied by your instructor to develop climbing technic.

Not possible from September until June.

From 12 years. 

Sneakers, shorts ou strecth jeans, snack, bottle of water (1,5l/pers).

  • The Gorges du Verdon's unimaginable atmosphere
  • Watch vultures turning in between the face of limestone cliffs