Cave of the Castelette

Speleology in Var in the heart of the Massif of Sainte-Beaume.

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The gallery is sculptured by the river. A walking of 30 min will lead you in the heart of the Massif of Saint Baume. The cave of Castelette is a technical initiation who lasts a day. You will can appreciate this silent world.

It opens on 7 meter well by a very beautiful 25 meter well. There is a underground river and a waterfall of calcite which it will be necessary to climb, its name is "Meduse". Back home, the Meduse will be crossed by a Tyrolean of 30 meters, wells will be pulled by ladders.




8 h


Physical level

Ref : SPLC

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9H45 - 16H30 :

Plan de la Grotte Castelette

Warm and light clothes (jogging or sporting tights), a bottle of water, an elastic band if you have the long hair.

Meeting point

Hostellerie of Sainte Baume, on the commune of Plan d’Aups

  • The hugness of this cavity
  • Discover great surprises : The Jellyfish, the underground river, the big hall ...
  • The silent atmosphere
  • The sport level of this excursion