Cave of Rampins

The cave of Rampins is cavity proposed in speleologist discovery in the Var

1/2 DAY

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This cavity proposes a lot of ludic passages. There are punctual difficulties which they are always optionnal. These passages are like games and you can observe environment.

It is fossil horizontal cave not requiring technical material. The group will be equipped in the parking of the cavity (2 km of Méounes)

Supervision by an Instructor of a Patentee of State and an equipment loan of speleology includes: helmet with light, collective equipment, Protective clothes of speleology, bag of transport, waterproof tight.


3 h


Physical level

Ref : SPLR

Not available



After our meeting we will go to the parking of the cavity (2 km of Méounes) to equip ourselves. The approach walk to the cave is very short. On the spot, your instructor will take quite hand, he will set up mixed games with observations of the environment. This cave is well appreciated by young people, it is ideal for groups and families.

  • Hot and light clothes (jogging or sporting tights.
  • a pair of shoes which can get dirty or a pair of boots.
  • Flask of water, a tie if you wear glasses.
  • Elastic if you have long hair.

Plan complete changes for the end of day.

Meeting point

In front of church of Méounes

  • The accessibility of this underground excursion
  • The fantastic and adventure atmosphere that adults and childrens enjoy
  • Practice this activity in family
  • Games created to observe everything around yourself
  • The pedagogy and the interest of your instructor