Ragaie of Neoules

Speleology with presence of underground river, to Néoules in Var

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1/2 DAY

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Its exploration allows to discover multiple galleries worked by strength of water. You will meet small lakes formed by dams of calcite, with chambers in diverse forms. This attractive cavity is ideal for discovery of this mysterious and magic world!

The progress requires use of technical alpine but it could be punctual and optional. However, exploration of this cavity is athletic because of small height of the gallery.

Supervision: by instructors Patent of state



4 h


Physical level

Ref : SPLN

Not available



The progress requires the use of alpine techniques in a punctual and optional way. Your guide will be there to introduce you and adapt the outing to your level.

The exploration of this cavity remains rather sports because of the low height of the gallery in certain passages and the total length of the progress.

Hot and light clothes (jogging or sporting tights.
a pair of shoes which can get dirty or a pair of boots.
Flask of water, a tie if you wear glasses.
Elastic if you have long hair.

Plan complete changes for the end of day.

Meeting point

In front of monument of death in Neoules

  • Live a unique underground experience
  • Observe natural lakes and naturals dams
  • Games in underground gallery sometimes humids
  • The pedagogy and the supervision of your instructor