Adventure trek Marseille and the swinging jump

The big thrill in the calanque. Fly out over the national park of calanque with the swinging jump

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1/2 DAY

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The big swinging jump is like a giant outdoor swing that enables you to fly out over the top of the calanques. From the famous cave of the Goudes or Michel's Cave, you will have an incredible and panoramic view of the national park of Calanques.

Full of sensation, this activity is very accessible and fun. (no need for any skill or sport level).

During june/july/August we can provide outings starting at 9am, to enjoy morning freshness.

3 h

9.00 - 12 AM

Physical level

Ref : PE

Not available



After a 40 min hike (with abrupt passages), you will reach the Michel's cave. There, the instructor will set up the swing, while you can enjoy the view.

Then it's time to jump and get the best thrill ever.

2 jump per person minium

Sneakers, sport clothes, a bottle of water, snack and back-pack.

Meeting point

Meeting point at the calanque of Callelongue.

  • Discover the fishing port of Callelongue
  • Reach the cave of the Hermit and Contemplating the sea and islands
  • Take beautiful pictures
  • Eating or drinking at the restaurant " Grotto " with "reel french food" at the end of the activity